Bike helmet recommendations, essential common sense to know for safety

In this article, we’ll be discussing the importance of wearing a bike helmet and some recommendations to help you choose the best one.

The most important thing is that you wear a helmet when biking – it’s not just for kids! The benefits are twofold: firstly, if you’re involved in an accident then your head will be protected from injury. Secondly, if there are any other bikers around then they may see your helmet and take extra care too.

In order to make sure that your choice is as safe as possible, here are our top tips on how to go about choosing a good quality bike helmet:

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Make sure it fits correctly

– helmets should always fit snugly so check that it isn’t too loose or tight. You can use a tape measure to check that the helmet is the right size at the forehead, above each ear, and across your cheeks.

Choose a well-known brand

– more expensive helmets may be better quality but more reasonably priced options will protect perfectly well. It’s always best to buy from a well-known brand, as this helps you to trust the safety of the product.

Check for date stamps

– helmets will have to be replaced after around five years so it’s best to check that your helmet hasn’t expired. It’s also worth checking if the manufacturer has included any damage or wear and tear to make sure you know the status of your helmet.

Retailer recommendations

– if a shop has said that a particular product is safe then it’s likely that they have done their research into that product. If the staff are able to tell you about any safety concerns, then this should help you decide as well as give you peace of mind and a good guarantee.

Look out for the right certification

– there are six different safety labels that indicate how safe a helmet is, so always check to see whether your new helmet has one of these before you buy it. As well as this, helmets should also be marked with information such as the year of manufacture and what the purpose of the helmet is.

Make sure there is good ventilation

Make sure that there is good ventilation in your helmet, as this can help to avoid any discomfort caused by sweating. It’s also worth considering the material of the inside padding – if it’s not comfortable then you might not want to wear your bike helmet so choose one with a soft lining.

Check for removable padding

It’s always better to have removable padding because this makes it much easier to clean your helmet. This will also keep the helmet in good condition for longer, which helps you to avoid having to buy a new one too soon.

Look out for helmets with plenty of certification labels

The safety certification label is the most important label on your bike helmet. It’s important to check for this because it means that the product has been tested and proven safe by an independent safety lab. Be aware of whether the certification is European, British, or American, as you will find different standards in each region.

Check if there are any other certifications, too

The quality of the helmet might not just be down to how well it has been tested, but also what type of material has been used. Other safety factors may include whether there are any adjustable features or whether your new bike helmet is shock absorbent.

Consider the weight and size of the product

The lighter your bike helmet is, the easier it will be to wear and to carry around. However, this shouldn’t be an issue if your bike helmet gives you complete protection from external impacts. In order to tell whether a bike helmet fits correctly there are a few tests that should be carried out:


In order to make sure that your bike helmet is as safe as possible, check for fit and size, be aware of what it has been certified for, and also find out more about the quality of the materials.

Fortunately, there are a number of certifications that indicate how safe a product is so always check these before you buy any new helmet.

To discover more about a company, check out their website and look for safety advice as well as information on any returns policies that exist. Safety should be your main concern when purchasing a bike helmet so always take this into account before you buy one.

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