About Us

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Our Mission

Bringing hope where it’s needed in times of crisis and catastrophe.

Our Vision

To build a brighter future for people of all ages, races, religions, classes, and ethnicities, who’ve been impacted by adversities.

We are The Hope Heroes

Every day, ordinary people are forced into extraordinary circumstances. With disasters taking unpredictable natural and man-made forms, communities can be completely devastated and depleted of resources. That is where the Hope Heroes comes in.

Hope Heroes NFP, formerly Hardest Hit Family Relief Fund, is an Illinois-based grassroots nonprofit organization with a heroic passion for providing hope to humanitarian crisis victims in their time of hardship.

When other organizations fall short, the news cameras leave, the coverage stops, and the aid stops coming in, we are there to continue to help recovery efforts. More than just a bottle of water and a blanket, we work to help rebuild strong communities.

Founded in August 2017 and headquartered near Chicago, in the town of Crystal Lake, Hope Heroes is at the ready to take action and bring hope.