We Need Your Help to Fight Florence!

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We Need Your Help to Fight Florence!

A letter from Executive Director, Ryan Gergen:

One year ago, I started Hope Heroes NFP, an emergency disaster relief and recovery nonprofit with one goal in mind: To provide HOPE to under serviced victims of major disasters and crisis events and serve the forgotten souls who endure the most suffering and loss from these tragic events. 

To do this I need your help. We cannot do this alone.

Before you spend that $5 at Starbucks or even $1 at McDonald’s, think about the people of North Carolina. People who are suffering, sleeping in their back yards, cars, and shelters. Their entire lives uprooted by Hurricane Florence. Their lives piled on street curbs outside their homes. Elders and grandparents being evicted from senior living centers with only 24-hour’s notice with nowhere to go. Even a US veteran with a rare skin disease who is now living in her back yard because her condition prevents her from sleeping at shelters. 

Children are wearing long-sleeved Christmas dresses because that is all the donation centers had to offer and parents are using rags and towels as diapers for their kids. These are just a few examples of what is really happening in North Carolina in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.

Hope Heroes is making a real difference. We are saving lives, feeding entire towns, providing crucial supplies, and giving residents hope. But we are running out of support fast and we need your help. 

I need you to help me save lives. I need all of you to become Hope Heroes and allow us to continue rebuilding the lives of each person we touch. To do this, I ask that you not only give but more importantly, you make an impact. If each of you start a $1,000 fundraiser and make a minimum of $5 as a starting donation for Hope Heroes, it will guarantee that hundreds of families will receive the supplies, housing, and resources needed to recover from Hurricane Florence. Click here to start your own fundraiser today.

We are currently deployed in North Carolina bringing hope to Hurricane Florence victims. Converting victims into survivors, saving small towns like Trenton, NC, and serving the under privileged and forgotten of Havelock, NC, and the ignored seniors and disabled of Craven and Jones counties.

We will continue to do what we can to support these families. But we need your help. Start your Hope Heroes fundraiser today. 

Thank you for your help,

Ryan Gergen
Executive Director, Hope Heroes NFP
(815) 893-7277

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