Hurricane Lane Set a Rainfall Record

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Hurricane Lane Set a Rainfall Record

Though the “worst case scenario” was avoided as Hurricane Lane collapsed during its incredibly slow approach to Hawaii, it still dropped record amounts of rain on the eastern side of the Big Island. In fact, it dropped over 50 inches in a community 15 miles southwest of Hilo, making it the third-highest in rainfall records for tropical storms or hurricanes. For measure, Hurricane Harvey, which sits in the number one rainiest tropical system of all time dropped 60.58 inches last year.

Dozens of homes have been damaged, roads have been washed away, and citizens had to be rescued. Now, the cleanup process begins, as Hawaii keeps its eye on the tropics. The latest storm to form in the Northeast Pacific – Tropical Storm Miriam – isn’t forecast to impact the islands, but models suggest an active season in the North Central and Northeast Pacific.

YOU can help those impacted by Hurricane Lane. Make a donation to our Hurricane Lane Relief Fund today!



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