The Past 90 Days with Hope Heroes NFP

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The Past 90 Days with Hope Heroes NFP

The past 90 days have been filled with hope and joy to so many!

Through the heroic efforts of our amazing volunteers and the continued support of our generous donors like you. We have touch the lives of countless survivors providing the hope needed thought the recovery process.

Starting in Texas with the Sutherland Springs Church Shooting survivors where your contributions have provided survivors a wheelchair ramp, a new roof, ADA accessible bathroom conversion, and a brand NEW wheelchair accessible home!

Next, Hope Heroes has provided funding for projects to assist in debris and recovery to victims of the Southern California wildfires and mudslides. Most notably the purchase of new industrial grade chainsaws, safety gear, and more to

Last but not least, Hope Heroes has opened our branch office in Puerto Rico where we have over the past 90 days distributed over 200,000 meals, pallets of medical supplies to local hospitals and nursing homes, relief aid care packs, and new shoes / clothing to the children of 3 local orphanages.

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